Do you have bucket lists? If you do, what are the top three things on your lists?

Mine are:
1. Solo trip to the 10 best countries and the coolest in the world before i get married
2. Watch Beyoncé concert (from the best spot, of course) and take a pic with her - big fan of her since i saw her.
3. Have a baby tiger or chitah

Now, still working on to complete my 1st list.


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  • Run in the middle of a football game and sack the opposing quarterback
    Run with the Bulls ( I think I would burn everyone >:) )
    Have sex with a bosses daughter in his office or home


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  • 1. See the sunrise from the top of half-done.
    2. Visit the ancient bristlecone pine forest.
    3. Own a barrett.50 cal

  • 1. Have sex with a beautiful girl
    2. Have sex with a beautiful girl
    3. Keep doing steps one and two

  • 1. Visit the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, I see it as an irreligious pilgrimage and a homage to my species.

    2. Visit all of the Earth's continents at least once.

    3. Travel into Space.

  • Who writes the list? I mean who ranks the countries? Shouldn't you just say what countries they are?

    And I don't recommend having a baby cheetah... Your womb couldn't handle it

    Who are you gonna put in your will to get the Beyonce photo? Cause you can't take it with ya

    • And, who are you?

    • Hah, that has nothing to do with those three valid points.

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