What is it like to have the hair of a black person?

Does it feel good? Does it feel better than straight hair? It's so curly it fascinates me. Is it high or low maintenence?


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  • Well as a child I hates everything about it because it was way too curly and nappy and hard to comb. But my hair was soft regardless of it.

    Now as I got older my hair is curly not so much nappy and still soft like it once was. And in my opinion no it doesn't feel better than straight hair because although it's soft it isn't as smooth as it is when my hair is straight.


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  • Depending on how much black you have in you.
    100% black = nappy af
    75% black = slightly nappy af
    50%black= manageable I'll get it wet and suffer combing it out later go in looking like Beyonce come out with Macy Gray style hair
    25%black = I'm whipping my hair back in forth and it actually moves quite smoothly
    15% black= I'm getting in this pool and looking good while I whip it back n forth

    I'm at 75%

    • What does nappy mean? I have a black friend and im always touching her hair as its different and feels alien compared to my long ginger her I would ask her but I dont want to sound stupid.

    • @Explore2016
      It depends on how they take care of their hair. There lots of texture for how are hair feels to some of us we don't like r hair being touched due to self concious reason but over all it can feel soft, fluffy, rough, natted, stringy, flimsy, thin , thick, greasy etc. In all honest I'd say high maintenance but it depends on the person , some might like their hair natural which I still would consider high maintenence.

  • Different blacks have different hair textures depending on bloodline and ancestry.
    For instance, my hair is super soft, yet it's very strong, thick and knots up so easily. This is cuz I'm black and native American human mutt from both sides of my family.

    Others may have super thick, coarse like cotton hair. Some may even be so easy to comb through when wet. Like I said before, it depends on lineage.

    • And super curly haired blacks usually are mixed with white or some other race with light skin.

    • My roommate is 100% African black and his hair is super dense

    • Dang.

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