What further steps should I take?

I messaged & emailed my manager asking what the planner is for this month and it I could please be paid for last month as I haven't recieved anything, no reply. I went into the shop and confronted her and she became defensive saying "oh I thought the owner paid you" then said she would send me a copy of the payslip, not even my money and I have not recieved an email and it's been days. (I have never recieved a pay check from the owner, the manager organises it which is her) so that's a lie. Then I asked about the planner and she said the same thing. "Valerie sends you the planners" another lie. I have been suspicious because previously this business have sort of underpaid me and was late.

Do I keep following up and going in? I refuse to work illegally and not being paid. If they don't need me to work anymore, at least own up to it.


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  • Have you talked to the owner? If they haven't paid, then I would go talk to a lawyer.


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