Is this a good idea?

The dude I like is at college, and I don't have a way to contact him directly, but his mom and I are pretty close in general, and she has called herself my second mom in the last before. So I was thinking of messaging her to find out if he's gonna be at the college football game Saturday, or if he needs a ticket, because his car got towed last Sunday and he don't have any money.

Here's what I am thinking of saying:

Hey, I meant to ask you this at church last night, but I didn't get a chance, do you know if J is gonna be at the game Saturday, or if he or Ty might need a ticket, because my dad will get extras that people hand off. Plus my friend would like to meet him. And it'd be nice to see him.

Should I leave out the Ty part? Since Ty is one of his friends who I've known for awhile now?
Is this a good idea?

I have his school email. But I got it off of something. Therefore he didn't give it to me directly
I mean i haven't seen him in two months, and it'd be nice to see him. And even better if he needed a ticket, cause my dad could get one where he sits by me and I'd love that.


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  • If you and his mom are that close, then I do not see any harm in messaging her that.