If hypothetically Sanders became the democratic nominee, who do you think wold benefit the most from negative adds/attacks?

  • Sanders would benefit the most from not doing negative adds/attacks
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  • His republican opponent would benefit the most from doing negative adds/attacks
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  • I think the greater question... which i don't know the answer to... is do negative attack ads actually persuade people.

    if they do then i imagine he might be hurt


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  • Sadly, negative ads tend to be very, very effective at driving electoral outcomes.

    His opponent would take the advantage.

    I wish neither of these were the case.

  • You don't need to run a negative ad attacking Bernie Sanders. His policy ideas are a walking negative ad.

  • These voting options are bias.

    • How are they bias, Sanders never has or never will run a negative add, and their is a 99% chance the Republican nominee will run negative adds.

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    • Okay. To answer your question I'll answer it in terms of the entire campaign. The media and a lot of voters like attack ads and aggressiveness in certain settings. So I don't think there's a right answer to it. I think it really just depends on who you ask.

    • I think it'll hurt and help.

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