Haunted by my past regrets, what do I do?

I woke up from a partial nightmare this morning. In my dream I lived in an alternate reality where I was still working at my job I recently got fired from, and I successfully started a relationship with a girl I was crushing on who rejected me after 3 dates.

In this alternate reality, I was able to correct the critical mistakes I made that led to my termination, and I was very successful at that job. And I was able to convince this girl I liked to give me a 2nd chance after she rejected me for being too nervous and then trying to take her to bed too quickly. In my dream she and I made out passionaltely and then I woke up.

Sound like it was a nice dream right? Not when I have to wake up to my abismal realtiy where none of this will ever happen. I consider this dream a haunting.

How do I move past this?


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