Question for atheists on verification?

What other verification do you need other the consensus of billions of people when it comes to the existence of God?

Verification is such a subjective term, how can we verifify anything in life without going through human opinon, whether we're talking about processes or hard evidence.

If billions of people say that the universe and it's rationality is hard evidence of the existence of God, then who are you as an individual to say there is no evidence, don't you think that's a little arrogant?

Don't you think it's annoying for you to just say you're wrong without providing something to dispute it directly?

Burden of proof can be applied to anything whether correct or incorrect, what is considered verified or proven is a matter of individual or group opinion, just because you can't see it or refuse to admit it doesn't give you the right to assert your viewpoint (that there's no evidence).

Anything short of providing contradictory evidence, or even something tp dispute it is just stupidity.


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  • What you're engaging in is an example of a fallacious argument called "argumentum ad populum". It's the logical fallacy of claiming that something must be true if many or most people believe it is.

    It's a flawed argument because, well, something isn't true just because everyone says so.

    Many people at one point thought that The Black Plague was taking place because of something foul in the air due to some planets being in close proximity. The truth is it was caused by Yersinia pestis, a bacteria that Oriental rat fleas carry. The fleas were on rats that were on merchant ships from Asia. Fleas would bite the infected rats, then bite humans, and voila that's what caused the whole mess.

    That's not even close to what the majority of people thought at the time, but it's the truth of the matter.

    • No, if you have half a brain you would see that what I'm saying is that what's considered evidence is a matter of public or individual opinion and is therefore subjective and atheists are just trying to control the narrative with specious rhetoric that no one really takes seriously.

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  • Saying that something is believable simply because a lot of people believe in it is an argument that holds no merit. Time and time again have shown that people can be wrong about anything. Anyone can believe anything they want as long as it has the word 'faith' in it. Saying that you KNOW that there isn't a God is equally as dumb as saying that you KNOW there is one. It can't be proved and it can't be disproved. All you can do is look at the evidence for yourself and decide what you believe in, but nobody KNOWS anything.

    • Yea, and everyone's wrong about 2+2=4.

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    • Why do I have to have water throw upon me Why is he mysterious? Why doesn't he interfere? In the bible he interferes. If he doesn't interfere how do you know he's actually there? How do I go to him? Where do I go?

    • Also which god should I believe in? How do I know which one is there? And then when I do believe in him should I follow the book of the religion? How can I be sure that the book only has things that god says in it? How do I know that it wasn't tampered with and other people didn't add things? Should I follow everything in the book blindly or should I pick and choose which bits I want to follow? Which book is the right book?

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  • I mean, I don't believe in God because the concept doesn't make sense to ME. Other people do not factor into the equation.

    Similarly, I am not that concerned whether or not there is an afterlife or some cosmic order. By that point, I will be dead, and wherever I end up will be beyond my power to change. I believe living the best life for me should about cover all my bases.

    That said, I like surprises.

  • For me to believe in god I would need him to actually come to me, face to face and tell me he exists :) It's very simple.
    I'm not saying you guys are wrong for believing in him. I just would need 100% him himself personally to tell me he exists in order for me to believe. I couldn't really trust second hand information.

    • Have you ever been to Norway? Just saying.

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    • I haven't been locked in a basement for 21 years. You wrote this post to tell people they were wrong didn't you, not to actually listen to their opinion...

    • Ok the sun isn't a good example.

  • Just swap atheist for believer and vice versa and you have the atheist view.

  • You seem to have a hard time understanding the word proof and evidence. Theoretically you can prove that 1+1=2 or there is enough evidence to support the three laws of thermodynamics. But no matter how far we go the laws of physics seem to be able to provide an answer without needing a greater deity to explain the origins of our universe...

    • The laws of physics couldn't have created themselves. Don't avoid the evidence and then say there's no evidence.

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    • I'm 21 and my comprehension level is better than yours.

    • All i have to say to you is "energy tents to erode over time" 😂

  • Ok... this argument on gag has been brought up so many times

    • Maybe I should start thinking of atheists as dead horses.

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    • Uhhhhhh all I want is to taste that khandi.

    • No pedo.

  • Yeah and everyone thought the world was flat at one point and look how that turned out.

    • SO? Come up with something to dispute common thought or you can stick it. Please, do the world a huge favor and stop thinking you're smart.

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    • Please refer to heavononearth's opinion if you really can't even comprehend mine. She explains it better than I do.

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  • Are you kidding me? Thousands of people believed in the Egyptians gods; do you believe in them? Thousands of people believed in the Greek gods; do you believe in them? Thousands of people believed in the Roman gods; do you believe in them?
    What makes you think that those thousands of people that came before you were wrong and you're right?

    The whole world thought the world was flat and that the sun revolves around the Earth. Where they right? No. Just because millions of people ignorantly believe in one thing doesn't mean they're right, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
    Fuck, there are millions of people who still think dinosaurs never existed, you can show them the bones and they still won't believe.
    I believe one person that proves me that what they say is right, and not millions that believe what an ancient sci-fi book says, a book that shows no proves about anything.

  • ______________________________________________________________________


    • @kobe23
      You seem caught in your religious logic and feeling unable to think outside it.
      Try it, it works, life without believing in spirits and fairies IS possible!

    • I should accept that you can't reason with stupid people.

    • Indeed, I can't.

  • If when I die and I meet god, if he is real, first of all I would say how dare you, how dare you put bone cancer in children, how dare you make animals that its purpose is only burrowing through peoples eyes, then you expect us you praise you as if you are good, well you can forget it, those sorts of things like cancer and vicious insects could of easily not been made. Why make a world where there is poverty, family dying and we put the blame on ourselves? You 'god' are one sick being.

    • @Justaguy Why would you say that? If you meet God, you're probably in heaven and so are these people you are talking about. Some years on earth in pain is a blink compared to eternity in paradise. It's a good trade if you ask me. And being God, being all mighty, all powerful and all knowing. I am willing to bet he had a good reason for doing what he/she/it did.

    • Is that a Stephen Fry reference?

  • People used to believe the earth was flat.

    It was not true even though it was the general consensus.

    Same for religions.

  • I believe in proof, my dear sir. Physical proof. U slap down proof right in front of me that God is above us, well then I'll convert, but I haven't seen anything to convince me. I'm not gonna convert just to hop on the bandwagon

    • Yea people who don't believe in evolution could say the same thing. Sometimes people take the evidence for granted and don't consider it evidence anymore.

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    • I'm looking around, and nature doesn't have to be controlled, it doesn't have to be pre-determined, I don't believe any God created the universe in 7 days, I don't believe that the Universe has existed 6,000 years, cuz that's mostly bullshit

    • Believe what you want and use whatever you want to deny opposing evidence.

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