How can I win a fight at school if it comes down to it also how can I avoid a ticket?

Ok this kid has been harassing me in class for a long time now since the beginning of the year a few years ago and escalating very fast. Also whenever he is trying to harass me he is always with a group so they always back him up and will get them to do it for him while I'm always alone. For example today we got a new seating chart (he is the reason for the new chart before we choose where we sat) and he sits behind me and he sits right next to a senior (we're in a sophmore class so he has to be pretty stupid tbh) and one of his other friends and him and others were throwing things the whole class period at my back and flinging hornets at me. They shot 3 at me before this but missed but when the first one hit me I got really pissed because they are annoying af and told the teacher she didn't really care tho because we are the problem class. so after the teacher left the room to get a drink they shot another hornet and it hit the back of my head at this point I was past my limit so I got up and luckily I stopped and everyone was looking at me now and was still mad so I told him if you wanna fight lets go and sat back down. Then the teacher came in and the senior sitting next to him and him starting talking shit behind me and I said "Kind of sounds funny coming from the senior in a 10th grade class" I made this senior pissed beyond proportion and he started screaming I made everyone laugh by the way and the teacher took him in the hallway and they continued to talk. Also the kid goes out of his way to try embarresment me by when I'm on my phone sitting at my desk he goes in front of me and puts his hands on my desk and talks down on me thinking he's the shit when I haven't even done anything to him. Today is the first day I have stood up litteraly to him because I don't want to start something but I'm afraid I will get into a fight if this continues. And don't say tell the teachers because if I do he will no doubt attack me. So what are some ways to quickly win a fight


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  • win a fight quickly? well I would strongly advise you to learn how to throw punches properly with good footwork, that's all you need to win a fight quickly against an inexperienced opponent. fucking bum rush his face and knock him down then rush the next closest guy and the next and the next go back and forth and again and again they will fucking scatter like flies and alpha dog will be right here he belongs. on top.

    • Alright I forgot to mention I have token martial arts and I know some combos but do u know how I could get out of a ticket? Would using objects around me like tables be viable to because I am creative

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    • Thanks man will do hopefully it doesn't have to get this far because I don't like hitting people out of anger

    • I hope you never have to hit anyone out of anger. that's when we can't even control how we fight, the dark side takes over lol.

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  • There really isn't any easy quick way to just win any fight, unless you just sucker punch him when he's not expecting it, which is kinda pathetic but better than getting beaten I guess. Just learn how to punch properly, keep your hands up and try to keep your chin down if you start swinging.

  • Use old moves he tried and fell on your fist and your just defending your self but seriously vilins is never the anser

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