Just a thought, if u were reduced to the sizes of a bug, would survival be impossible?

Think about it, less than an inch in height, nobody knows your there...
-who do u know would be your biggest obstacle?
-What would be your biggest fear?
-could u fight off monstrous sized insects?
-could u outrun the foot that is about to step on u?
-could u avoid a vacuums suction?
Thanks, just for fun! :)

Or near impossible?


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  • So that the spiders would be the size of me?
    How about no, no thanks no. I would rather drown myself in dish cleaner.

    • YESSS ewwwww

    • I think I would be so alone, probably hard to get someone's attention, don't u think?

    • I would just stay in the open and avoid places behind or under furniture since most spiders don't chase prey!
      Hang around the kitchen.. eat dropped crumbs and write "PLEH !" in spilled flour with my footprints.

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  • It's soooo very uncanny, @emilyrt that you should Post this Question. I was Seriously thinking of Posting something in reference to This:
    "How may GAGERS Here have saved a bug's life this summer?"
    I live way out in the country, and I walk 4 miles every day for exercise in my spare time, and every time I am going up and down my Huge stretch of Highway, I stop to save a little caterpillar's life or a butterflies as well, even a salamander's, from getting hit as he tries to cross this highway in Slow motion.
    If I can save just a few of these innocent little creatures, I will continue to do so. I know if it were me Out in this 'Survival,' I would Hope... I could outrun the foot that is about to step on u Or... Maybe hope to open my mouth to say "Thank you for helping me."
    Good luck and Great Question, thank you for making my day. xx

    • @emilyr7

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    • lol!!! Oh, just a phrase when you mentioned a Kid Like "Oh, forget it when it comes to a kid..."lolxxoo

    • Yes, lol, I think I would run so fast if I saw giant kids. I don't think k getting g they're attention would be wise. Just hope one wouldn't spot me.

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  • U mean Ant-Man?

    Watch Matpat's Film Theory vid!

  • Fukin what did u smoke today?


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  • Nope I'll find a cock roach and climb on top of it and live out the rest of my days.

    As long as we don't get stepped on we'll be good to go. 👍

    • Lol unless we're mistaken for bugs :( you font know anyone who loves stomping bugs do u? :/

    • Pretty much everyone loves stepping on bugs okay well maybe not love. They don't just go around doing it for joy but if bugs are in their house or crawling on them etc yeah just about anyone would step on a bug except for people that love all creatures.

    • Yeah that would be fatal, but I hate the thought of gigantic wildlife too... ewww