What to do? Should I break up with him? If I'll do this then probably he'll kill me or himself or both of us What should I do? Should I live with him?

I have a possessive boyfriend and he's a huge momma's boy he does not even sleep without his mother since his childhood and he is very possessive about me he does not want that I talk and befriend with any boy except me but he tells me that he has beautiful girl as his friend in his office who talk to him and spends so much time with him daily in his office.
And what to do to make him quit his habit of being a momma's boy? He can even kill me if his mom will say him to do this and his mom behaves very rudely and badly with me and with so much jealousy but I always treat his mom like she is my own mother but no matter how much I do but she always hates me and criticize me. :(
Please help..


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  • Report him to the police if you're this scared

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