Who do you think was/is the most harassed members on gag?

Girls get harassed guys gets harassed too. But who do you think was the most harassed user?


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  • Genie23 is definitely up there, she has countless dudes following her around. Although she's been on hiatus lately so it's been fine.

    • don't know about that but if those guys will get to know her they'll wish their head to be eaten by locusts... thats for sure lol

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    • @dudegrt09 I take it you have some beef with her. I'm not concerned with that.

      Yeah, she had it rough. At any time, there's at least one female user being harassed that way. You're right in that male users get harassed too, but it's different.

    • well I haven't even talked to her (so there is no question of a beef with her), just once when she kept on posting irrelevant comments on my question for which I received a thousand notifications... I just told her to shut up, so she got offended, made me realize she's quite thick in the head besides being a egomaniac...

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  • I haven't seen many people get harrassed here lol.

    • That's surprising haha. There are some guys and girls on here who gets fucking weird messages they've mentioned it in one of the questions and I've noticed too those who have their pics up gets lot of attention espe from creeps lmfao

    • I'm glad I never posted my picture. XD

    • Ohhhhh you mean like that? Definitely girls lol

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  • i'm not sure but i used to like harassing that dude from michigan who always posts about being a rapper and knowing eminem. claims to be a male model too, i kinda miss harassing him actually.

    • LMFAO! Hilarious xD Did he leave gag because of you? Bahahshs xD

    • naw lol, he used to send me funny incoherent messages sometimes. he was alright, just easy and fun to rip. his spelling was terrible and one time he asked how to be a great rapper but put raper instead. half the girls on here went ape shit on him thinking it wasn't misspelled.

  • Basically the hottest girls on gag.

    • Lmao thats true bro. I agree with you

  • I'm the harasser.