Is world war 3 coming? Opinions?

I'm just curious as to anyone's takes. A lot of political moves are being handled across the world right now.


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  • Did you know that the world came within 90 minutes of ending in January 1996? It wasn't the first time, but it was the closest.

    Today is nothing like the Cold War days. You are too young to have ever had a duck & cover drill at school, and too young to know anyone who has a fallout shelter, and probably don't know that a nuclear bomb was dropped on North Carolina (but didn't go off).

    There are nuclear threats, but if you don't live in the Middle East, don't worry about it.

    The situations to be concerned of are a major solar flare, "The Big One" earthquake in Los Angeles, and the "Enormously Huge One" earthquake off the coast from Seattle. These earthquakes, which will happen, will have world wide economic repercussions.

    Wherever you are, have enough food and water to last two weeks to 6 months, a gun, and at least 500 rounds of ammunition (more is better). These simple precautions will enable one to wait out most calamities.


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  • Honestly, I don't like some of these comments because it just says "Well its not happening here so lets not worry." The US has been at "war" with some of the Middle Eastern countries for so long. I say "war" because its a one sided game. Most of the people dying are people in the Middle East. Media has portrayed them as the "other", as "them". As if they were an entirely different species. And some people treat them as such, which is honestly sad. Ever read the book 1984? It talks about how Government controls their populations through Fear and War. Well, both are happening right now, and people are feeding off of it like parasites. It's so easy to sit in a country like the US or Canada when the only tragedy we truly pass is through our facebook news feed, to which we just scroll past anyways. Maybe we feel a little bad, but we mostly just get on with our day. There is a war already happening, and its been in the happenings for a while now. If you don't believe me then ask the average person what they think about Islam. Most will not have the best view about it, or know only the things they've seen or heard. People who claim to value knowledge and truth, dont even research the truth they are seeking of.

    The saddest part is that it seems like history just repeating itself. This is not something new, where a minority has been targeted by a mass. Or where a population has been enslaved by fear and propaganda.

    • Your inexperience is showing.

      Islam has been at war with the West for 1,400 years. My 36x great grandfather stopped the Islamic Invasion of Europe at Toulouse. The first foreign military operation of the United States, under the orders of President Jefferson was for my 4th cousin (5x removed) to command the fleet against Moslems.

      The question is not of the self-inflicted violence of the middle east, but of a world war; which isn't going to happen anytime soon. Obama has given Putin the OK to do what he wants. He offered Iran $150B, so they can continue their nuclear weapons development as long as Iran's inspectors don't say where it is occurring, buy advanced weapons from the Russians, and fund terrorism, but they are not a direct threat to North America. NK is nuts, but they are a threat to S. Korea, not the US, and China is not our enemy.

    • How is it possible that every since a religion started (Islam being around 1400 years old) it has been "at war" with the West. The West wasn't even "The West" 1400 years ago. Yes there were wars, the Crusades, and all that. And there was the expansion of the Islamic Empire. Just like there was the expansion of other empires in the past, such as the Roman Empire.

      The "self-inflicted" violence in the Middle East is not likely "self-inflicted". To some degree I would argue it is a world war, just not the grand scale as the other wars are (yet), but it is definitely getting there, with all of the funding that goes to drone projects, bombing, and the military, and propaganda. Syria is literally being destroyed to pieces, there is a refugee crises. Hamas is being bombed. So yeah, there is war occurring around the world, and if some people choose to not take it "personally" thats a whole different issue. But hen someones family is in those countries; a soldiers or a citizen, then it is war

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  • if it starts it better start after I die


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