I want to get a Pantheon and Leona tattoo do I need the artist permission?

I want to get a pantheon and Leona tattoo do I need the artist permission? Here are the two I'm considering but need to choose one.



The 2nd one wouldn't line here it is again



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  • No you don't need to get the artist's permission as long as you don't intend to use the image commercially or claim it as your property. Conceivably, this could even extend to doing a youtube video that shows the tat either expressly or incidentally cause the artist could claim copyright but then you could just cover the tat. Personally, it might be cool to seek permission cause the artist may be interested in letting you do it. I have a couple of tats on my forearms but I paid an artist for the work and the art is my property and I have claimed copyright because I am using the images in some projects I am working on. i like the second tat myself, but I like several of the pieces on the deviant art page you linked in. Several of those would be awesome in a fine line style tat.

    • I just want to find a good pantheon and Leona art those are the only two high quality ones I could find