Based on your experience, Do good looking guys in high school have higher standards?

for pretty much any type of relationship do attractive boy have higher standards in girls than average looking ones?

  • Yes they're standards are higher than other guys
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  • Their standards are the same as other guys
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  • No their standards are lower than other guys
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Girls they befriend, girls they date, girls they hook up with, etc


Most Helpful Guy

  • When you have more options, your standards tend to be higher.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes they do have higher standards in my experience. All the guys I had a crush on and I was friends with went out with model type girls

    • Not just dating I mean even including which girls to befriend. Do they have higher standards than other guys

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    • I think they would be embarrassed to hang out with a fat girl and be friends with her and be scared when people think that they're hooking up with ugly girls.

    • Exactly

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What Guys Said 1

  • Of course, most all high schoolers are immature that way


What Girls Said 2

  • In high school good looks with a person isn't as huge as what kind of group they hang with, its more of their social status in high school that brings onto the standards they look for

    • I'm just talking about looks plus girls that are popular are pretty anyway

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    • not really, they could look good, but what happens in high school a lot is what sorta person they are, like how they act and all

    • Yeah I reckon its way more social status than looks

  • Yup they do, because they have so many options to choose 4rm.