If you were legitimately ugly, would you get plastic surgery?

I'm legitatmely ugly. Only someone ugly could understand but it holds you back from a happy life. People don't want to talk to you or invite you places. Love is non existant and you are pretty much of less value. You can't work normal jobs. I'm about to just go to a plastic surgeon and have him fix my face for good. Don't even care anymore about the price. Just want a normal life. Could any anti plastic surgery people really rebutal against me?

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Yeah being ugly does have a huge disadvantage.


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  • well it really depends... if you act ugly then people won't want you around...
    so if your ugliness is making your personality ugly then yes go do it, but have in mind that not all surgeries turn out for the better... you could end up worse, and you'd have paid for that...

    There are tons of ugly people who are wanted, and that's because their personality doesn't portray that they "feel" ugly... that's what I mean by ugly personality... if you see yourself as sooo ugly, then you think 'less' of yourself, and that rubs off on people, so in turn, that's all you're letting them see... instead of a fun person to be around with, you're just showing them how you feel, so they feel a bit uneasy with you presence... and thus resulting in all the rejection you're feeling from everyone... ti's what you portray.

    I would get surgery if i was deformed
    or if i had the money for it if something was abnormally bigger in size such as a nose too big to be the focus of my face... but really, if it's just average ugly, I wouldn't care at all... thus my personality wouldn't rub off on others as the ugly person some people see... but rather my happy side that i'm happy or pleasant the way I am.


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  • Be happy. Do what makes you happy. It really makes me sad, breaks my heart that you think that way. Because I know what its like to be the person to say that exact same thing. Have faith. It only gets better if you let it, but do what's going to make you happy. This is your life!! Live it up. Follow your dreams. 😊

  • I wouldn't I would be scared to look worse than I already am.

  • If I was ugly and had the money for it, yes. Wouldn't think twice about it. Being ugly is an especially serious disadvantage for a woman, because we can't really make up for it with money, power/status, charisma, humor/incredible personality, or whatever.


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