If I work a full time job for 40 hours per week, getting paid 12.50 an hour, would that be enough to live on my own in rental apartments?

I'm just wondering since I just want to move out of my parents house already and start my own life. I'm a 20 year old guy who's currently a college student, working a full-time job for AT&T as a Call Center, earning $12.50 per hour. I have scholarships paying for all my tuition so I'm good right there for college.

I'm honestly just sick and tired of my father's constant complaining about me and my sisters just being a burden to him so I just want to move out as soon as possible so I don't have to deal with any more of his bullshit.

by the way, I currently live in Mesa, AZ so I plan on renting this one apartment in a nice area that charges $600-800 per month.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, but it's cutting it a little close. You should calculate this out. You'll be earning ~$1500/month after taxes, SS, medicare, and all cuts into it, and if your rent's $600-800 that's already half your money gone. Not to mention $70 for internet, $50-100 PG&E, $150-200 for food, paying for your phone, car payments, insurance, savings for emergencies, entertainment, etc. it adds up.

    They typically say that what you pay for rent should only be around 30% of your salary. If you really want to move out, I would advise finding a roommate to split rent and utilities with.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm also in Arizona. You can find an apartment to rent between those amounts. Just be careful of where you look. There are some shitty areas in Mesa. and just north of the 10 when it goes west.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I certainly don't want to live in the ghettos of Mesa that's infested with wannabe gangsters or "SWAG" brats.

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What Girls Said 2

  • You want to make sure that your monthly income is at least 3x your monthly rent. So if you're paying 600/month in rent, you should be making at least 1800/month.

    If you do it, just make sure you save up a bunch first (I'd have at LEAST a couple thousand in the bank before you move). And don't burn any bridges with your parents. If crap happens and you wind up needing help, or a place to live for a while, a good relationship with them will come in handy.

  • You could make it happen, but I would wait & save up! Adult life is not easy & if you can stay with your parents until you're out of college do it. Jobs also are not guaranteed after college.

    I had to move out & work 3 jobs to get my degree. I did it, but it wasn't easy & my GPA suffered. It took a year before I actually got a real job with benefits.

    You could apply to be a Resident Assistant, that way you stay on campus for free, but you might have to quit your full time job & work part time.


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude if I got paid full time at 12.50 an hour I could definitely move out on my own. If I were you I would spend 6 months to a year saving up, then move out so you have some cash to fall back on should you need it.

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