Would you give a painless, fast-acting poison to a heavily paralysed loved one who has only one month left to live and desperantly wants to die?

This question was on Atheist Republic and I thought I'd get some different responses on here. No one will ever know that you gave them the poison, so you'll suffer no consequences of e. g. murder or illegal euthanasia.

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  • If there last wish is to die, I will let them.

    I wouldn't want there last days on Earth to be hell. I wouldn't want the person to be remembered as someone on their deathbed in pain waiting for their life to end.


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  • Funny you should bring this up. My mother had a catastrophic stroke six months ago and she is bedridden, half paralyzed on one side of her body, and unable to speak. At times she cries. Father and I suspect--nay, know--she wishes she could just go to sleep and not wake up.

  • Meanwhile in california assisted suicide has been approved.

    (I may be wrong)

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