Whats the point of living if your scared to go outside by yourse?

I go somewere and when i walk, its like all the people have there eyes on me and I don't know wtf should i do or how to react... its a fukin illness... i just wished to get home as soon as possible coz I don't know wtf to do.. my lips get dry and eyes butlrn a bit... I don't know whats the point of living after 17 years of nonescene.. i have school in 2 days I don't know how im gonna survive for the few hours in school... especially when there all teens like me..


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  • Sounds like anxiety and paranoia. I actually have mild anxiety, it's more common than you might think. However, if you are really that uncomfortable, maybe you should try to seek some help. They can help you manage your emotions and hopefully physical effects (dry lips, burning eyes, etc).

    • Its all useless... before 2 days i went out with my only friend and stuff and i feel confident... today i wentmy seld somewere and i was like dead... unbeliebale.. it was like im the only one outside and everyone looking at me... I don't know how to react then and i just frown and walk fast... useless... i dont wanna go to a docter coz i dont wanna tell my parents coz they dont fucking understand... i dont wanna take drugs or smoke because i always believe that sometime in life, it will go away and i really look forward to getting married and stuff in the future snd traveling.. but ik it won't happen coz of this anxiety... i also dont care about school or were i end up... i always say things will get better.. but everything getting worse..

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    • I don't know about that.. il try thanks

    • I hope it'll help you! :)

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  • It's social anxiety and it seems pretty high to you. Ask someone for help. I'm telling you in the future when you start working or meet more people in general, it will be reduced and maybe go for good.

    • Nothing can reduce it, my hopes are gone for the future.. i look forwward to getting married and traveling in the future but ik it won't happen since nothig can help... i dont wanna smoke or stuff coz of that and my fear of cancer... im just a damn fool.. nothing more

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    • Music helps, i liked the song too. Don't need to say more, take action. Good luck.

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