Do you think he is social retarded or Just extremly narcissistic?

This guy keeps messaging only to talk about himself... if he isn't doing that he invites me to parties or asks when im going to Work.

First I though he was just clueless, but now im thinking he has some seriously bad social skills?

He seems to have friends. . Why tje fuck does he message me?


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  • Ha! It sounds like he is a socially retarded narcissist.

    • I know right?

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    • Im not underaged? But for now, im going to stick to free booze. . hehe

    • I made an assumption that a person who could buy their own would just do so. But I guess free drinks saves you money.

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  • I think he likes u and wants u to know about him more. thats it..

    • I still dont understand.. if he likes me why doesn't he ask about me? If I like someone I keep asking questions about their life. Because I find them interesting

    • so start texting him about you and talk about your hobbies... you will see his response and reaction. maybe he expects you to do the same

    • I think you misunderstood. . I dont want him to talk to me.. at all...

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  • Maybe he's just using you as a way to talk about his own problems.

    • How is saying "im going to Work out now" or "im excited for my next job" talking about his problems?

    • Ok, if thats all he messages you he just sounds really awkward.

    • Yeah.. It is. ..

  • Do you like him?

    • No, not at all

    • You must be physically attracted to him or you wouldn't care. Trust me, I'm right.

    • Omg no... he is really ugly. . As much of a bitch it makes me sound, he is deformed , annoying and ugly.. Im not and never will be attracted to him.. I care because we work togheter. . I see him weekly and he messages me weekly

  • Why don't you ask him why he keeps messaging you? We don't know your life.

    • I could.. I should...

  • he likes you probably?

    • Well last time I checked if a guy is interested he tries to get to know the girl he like

    • well he is constantly messaging you

    • Should I tell him to stop? If so how do I do ur without being harsh?

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