I want to join a football club but?

I want to join a football club but I'm scared because I can be very shy at times and I know everyone will know each other there too so it will be hard to make friends I need some advice


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  • Yeah, I know what u mean. there's plenty of times i have joined a club or something and felt scared too. The best advise I can give u is too just step out with courage and do it. :) I mean it may be awkward at first cuz like u said cuz eveyone knows each other but after u go often, they will get to know u & things will be good.

    Overall, at least try to go & join, so u can say u did it & tried, no matter what happens. Cuz u don't want to look back & be upset with urself for not at least trying to join. Plus, the biggest lesson I've learned is u can't let fear stop u from what u want cuz ur only holding urself back. Most of time when I stepped out in courage to try to get involved it was a success & i was glad I did it, so do it. :) Hope this helped.


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  • I've started clubs before and people tend to be very welcoming and friendly. You can make a friend usually by the second class. Don't go there just for friends, go there because you want to learn something. Smile at people and show you're approachable but focus mainly on what you're being taught, everyone else will be.


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