If Hollywood made a movie about your life story, which actor/actress would you choose to play you in the movie?

I would choose Demi Moore to play me.


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  • Steve Buscemi

  • I'd need a different actor for every major phase of my life. How many exact moments should I capture? What genre would it even be? What would be the central message?

    If most of my school life were a movie, it'd be a dark comedy. Very dark. If the summer of 2007 were the sole focus, it'd be a drama bordering on a horror/paranoid thriller film. If my temp gov job in summer 2011 were the focus, it'd be the most boring attempt at a Bourne movie ever.

    If April 2013 were the focus, it'd be a tear-jerker playing out like a Nicholas Sparks movie gone horribly wrong.

    April-May of 2014? Like Juno, but with no payoff. (And the baby turns out to be just a scare.)

    This year? Not sure anything happened that would even warrant a movie.

    And I have no flippin' clue who'd want to portray me.

    • It is just a fun question. Don't be too serious man 😃

    • Good point. I'm passionate about movies though. I've been told my life could be a film series. Which is not as comforting a thought as I imagined it would be.

  • Will Smith.

  • wow you got a big idea of yourself... .

    • Yeah, i do. Only i have more money than Demi. Plus i'm famous for getting my tits out in topshelf mags

    • yeah gag anonymous troll. you are kim kardashian number 5... .

    • Of course you think i'm a troll , everyone thinks anons are trolls

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  • I was going to answer, but then I realised you're being a bit of a tit in your replies to some comments.

    • Who cares if you answer. Is that supposed to bother me. I am a bitch so deal with it

    • If no one cares about the answer, why ask the question?

    • I don't care if YOU answer or not, but you did.. I ask questions for extra points , so the answers don't matter at all.

  • Igla Fisher and the love interest would be Josh Dumhel (don't know if I spelled it correctly)

  • I don't think anyone would pay for watching that movie...

    • Yeah , your life story would be a hollywood flop 😂😂

    • Well i am sure your's isn't much more interesting either :D

    • Happy to know you recognize mine would be better than yours! Haha