How can you tell if someone is jealous of you?

I think it's hard to tell. Most people are good at hiding it.


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  • No, usually it eats people up when they're jealous, and the signs will eventually come bubbling to the surface. Just look for people who seem to have an issue with you for no reason yet still pay tons of attention to you. I have several guys who are jealous of me. and they go out of their way to know what I'm doing. This pissed me off until I my girlfriend clued me into why they were acting like this.

    • I think I confuse jealousy with resentment. Someone may have resentment towards you, such as blaming you for something that you unintentionally did to them.

      I've had characters like that who love blaming others for their own shortcomings.

      I've never really known if it was jealousy or delusion on their part.

      But you are correct, those types of people are quite prevalent, and need to be made careful of.

    • No, it's jealousy, not resentment. Resentment is related directly to anger, whereas jealousy is a an emotion that's rooted in the deep-seated desire to have what another has. The guys who are jealous of me are so because I'm larger than they are and have an attractive girlfriend, two things they wished they possessed. That's jealousy, not resentment.

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  • Um not really if you feel the person is jealous and you never felt it from them before they just might be... why else would you randomly start to feel that way.
    If I'm jealous of something or someone I let them know straight up lol like leave me alone for awhile cause I'm hating on the fact you made the right choices in your life and I fcked mine up lmao I told a Co worker that when she got a car some days later I was okay. If people just said the shyt lol which I learned in the working environment if you say what you feel you get over it quickly especially if it's petty


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  • Not sure, nobody has ever been jealous of me.