Will Donald Trump really kick out the illegals?

The more I hear about him, the more I see that he's just another bs politician throwing around fake promises. His buisness record is full of shady deals and corruption (and he's well connected to jewish mafia bosses). I really want someone to deport the illegals and end birthright citizenship before america turns into a thirld world dump full of Asians and latinos, I really don't want to see white society disappear in my lifetime.


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  • Trump won't get elected, because fortunately less than half of people in the USA are racists like you. Even if he is elected, there's no way 12 million people could be deported in four years. That plan is about as realistic as all of his campaign promises.


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  • The Asians, more often than not, are actually trying to fix things. But there aren't enough of them here.

    There are two types of Latinos: those that are normal human beings that want to make life better for everyone and believe in assimilating to the American ideal, and Marxist-brainwashed human cockroaches that know only how to kill, steal, and destroy.

    A true American melting pot means there is no more white, yellow, red, or black. But a common set of ideals, envisioned by brilliant men, that guides countless generations forward regardless their place in the gene pool.

    Those in power at the moment, however, believe in a totalitarian elite consisting of only a handful of the white elite, and everything non-white also being able to join the elite, if they have the "stuff." And the rest of the non-white living in third-world conditions, while the non-elite white are subjected to a soft form of genocide.

    As for Trump: I really don't know one way or the other what to believe about him. My dad likes Ben Carson, but I have my doubts. I'm ready to support Chuck Baldwin, if I have to. Don't expect Fox News and CNN to pay him any attention though. Anyone that can make a real difference, they want to turn into a unicorn.


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  • Instead of spreading your stupidity you need to go back to the poor excuse of institution that educated you. "WHITE SOCIETY" has NEVER existed. Also don't forget that this is a SOCIALIST country, it always has been and for that reason it would never have someone like Trump take the presidency. It's a fucking shame that just any clown can run for presidency, that's exactly why people from other countries fucking take us as a JOKE because of people like him and the STUPID people that follow him.

    • in the meantime people here in asia are watching the news very quiet and praying that they'll never have to let millions of immigrants into their country

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    • @BlueCoyote Don't try to correct me, I clearly stated " It's a fucking shame that just any clown can run for presidency, that's exactly why people from other countries fucking take us as a JOKE because of people like him and the STUPID people that follow him."

      His followers are not the entire picture. Yet, that small picture is what's destroying Americas image/purpose to the eyes of others and making us look like pathetic clowns that can't take politics seriously.

    • MaybeNot1: Yes, I agree with you on this. But it's not true that America is a socialist country. I don't understand how these two comments of yours are supposed to go together. Unless of course, you were being sarcastic, in which case the sarcasm wasn't really clear.

  • If you live in a nation where the people vote based on a fear of the disappearance of "white society", then you live in a nation of cowards. Thankfully, I don't think the USA has fallen quite that far (yet)... so I'd still class you as an endangered species within your own right... but not for being white, but for being bigoted

  • "White Society" disappeared along time ago. Hence the MINORITY part.

  • Once he has pushed enough Americans into poverty to replace the illegals.

  • I'm sure he will kick out a good bunch of them. Will he get rid of all of them? I truly doubt it unless it takes many many many years.

  • It's not the illegals that will bring down US. It's the stupid americans like yourself will.

  • of course not. they need illegals to do the dirty work

    • What dirty work? Americans were doing just fine before there were any illegals here

    • just like in japan, there are lots of people who want entry level jobs