Have you had a coming out experience? If so, what was it like?

October 11 is national coming out day. Yesterday in my GSA club, we shared our coming out experiences. What are yours? (This can be for any lgbt.)

Also, when did you notice you were lgbt? (I barely noticed I was bi about 2 years ago lol. Most of the people in my GSA knew way earlier than me.)


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  • i am not out at all, really only got into guys about 2 years ago...

  • Coming out experience? Nah. Let me try it.

    Alright everyone... I'm coming out as... a heterosexual.

    • (I cilcked upvote by accident btw) and lol hetros don't need to come out. Hetro is the defualt, people automatically assume someone is hetro since thier birth. :p

    • Well forget their assumptions!!! I could have been gay for all they know.

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