Should I try to talk to this guy when we go back to school?

Ok, so tonight I had went to this football game with my stepdad and it was a few minutes when we was about to leave because our football team won anyway. So, when we was about to leave, the guy that always stares at me a lot at lunch was walking up the stairs and he came all the way up by me and sat on the second row and I guess he was with his dad or brother (mostly looks like his dad). I think he saw me a little because he had looked at me and turned around. In my mind I was like "gosh I wish I could talk to him but I don't want to D: " . I was thinking that because I was afraid that he wouldn't say anything to me so I didn't say hey to him. Here's another question about the guy as well.

So, do you think I should try to talk to this when we go back to school? @Paris13 ,@Applefan1 , @smahala1991 and @scuff1986 can you answer this one please


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  • If you feel ok doing so then go for it :)


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  • Hi, @Ashely_Princess I just NOW saw this so allow me to First Answer this One so we can put this to bed in your head.
    He probably Saw you but being he was with his Family, let's put it, Let's also 'Put it' this way, he was too Shy, this guy, to Say... Hey.
    Sure, talk to him when you go back to school, and just tell him in a friendly, nonchalant Way: Oh, I think I saw you at the game, did you see me? I was with my dad too.
    Being you didn't wave, he didn't either and he may have Waved if you had shown some initiation so you both are Hand tied Even Steven with this one. xxoo
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks @Paris13

    • So welcome, @Ashely_Princess, and carry on Monday with a"Hey."xxoo

    • Thank you, @Ashely_Princess, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

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  • I hope you dont mind me asking but whats your race my friend I just wondered?


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