Who in ur opinion is the best looking female & male?

Andy Biersack for best looking guy in my opinion.

who in ur opinion is the best looking female & male?

Ashley Costello for the best looking female in my opinion.

Who do you think of any celebrity in the world is the best looking? From both female & male.

Not out of these two, tell me which female is the most attractive and the male that is the most attractive. Any celebrity doesn't have to be Andy or ashley


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  • Gross, dude.

    Best looking female: my crush. Her mom just posted my crush's senior picture on Facebook, and tagged my crush, so it came up on my News Feed, and I felt butterflies in my stomach as soon as I saw it. I was like "holy shit, if I can just tell that girl that I've liked her..." She is freakin' stunning.

    Wish I could post her picture here.


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