How would you describe this personality type, and would it annoy you?

I'd like to get some opinions on my personality type.
Some have called me a know it all. I can understand why, but I feel it doesn't really fit.
I like knowing everything I can. I love to learn, and it upsets me when I don't know something. If I do come across something I'm not sure about, I'll drop everything until I fix that gap in my knowledge. I have great memory retention, and I do think I have the intelligence to understand what I learn. I also rarely study, instead I pick up knowledge from daily life.
Sometimes I get annoyed with people for not knowing something, and even more annoyed when they ask something, then refuse to be taught. I can see why that could be annoying, but I can't really help it. I love to learn, and share knowledge.

So how would you describe me? Am I a know it all, or something else? And would it annoy you?


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  • Knowing a lot of things and being intelligent is the opposite of annoying. However, I have been incredibly annoyed at people for always showing off their knowledge when there was really no need to. Like... if I'm sitting in class and there's someone who is constantly raising their hand to add something more to what the professor said that is only slightly related, or if they are always trying to show everyone how smart they are.

    But that's the only thing that could annoy me. Intelligence is something I highly value in a person. I sometimes get annoyed at people for not knowing things too, if they are things they SHOULD know because the thing they're working on requires that knowledge.