Something funny/silly you do or think of when alone?

I have a very playful and creative imagination
so when i have alone time i always pretend im a character in my favorite anime show xD
and i make up my own skills, my background story, my name, my appearance, and people i fight in the anime its awesome i aslo use my hands as fight figures and use them to fight ,

use my imagination that it is a real fight going on xD there's a big section of imagination in my head and i love it

i also think of showing people the talents i have but i can't build up the courage to
(ive played violin for 7 years but no one has heard me play besides my tutor she teaches me to sing and to play the violin/piano i want to perform at a talent show one day but too scared

unless its infront of my tutor i don't even play infront of my family


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  • Oh god the list for me and my sillyness is extremely long. I'm a mixture of adhd/autism so it's normal for me to think of wacky funny things. Which like you it's like a little anime show going on in my head on how I react to somethings, think, etc.

    One recently funny Idea I had the other day. I'm playing this online game called warframe. Which the enemies will drop these MP balls. I really wish they were real so I could touch one. They look like they would be super squishy and gel like. :D

    Even with other games I'm thinking about if I was actually in the game and the people in it were real. How I would be talking to them. Then when I jump into a swarm of enemies a lot of times I would be saying "surprise bitch!" that or "hello boys." :D

    That also as a little kid around 5 or so. I had the crazy I idea that I would build Disney land behind my house. While I took care of my parents. I live on a farm so we do have a lot of land so that part made since. Still was a really funny idea thinking about that. :D

    It is sad though how with all that silly, creative, and imagination. It still doesn't help you with real life stuff. As in getting you to do the things you wish you could.

    • That is true i hope that one day when i become wealthy i can build my imagination
      and that game sounds fun lol how do you play it

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  • I kinda do the same. Pretend I'm in the One Piece universe and guess how much my bounty would be if I become a pirateπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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  • Lol I just think of funny silly scenarios that could or should happen in life, sometimes I copy voices or pretend I am a pro fighter lol.

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