My stomach gives me problems?

Whenever I eat potato, white rice, white pasta, white bread, spicey foods, eggs, fatty oily dishes, junk food ( I don't eat it because of this) and lots of other foods - I get this horrible stomach ache. It starts down by my kidneys and can go up. I either get diarrhea or constipation.

What is this? And how can I get rid of it?


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  • I get something like that. You just have to avoid those foods. Different people have different foods they probably shouldn't eat. Those are some of yours.

    When I eat stuff I shouldn't, within a few hours I have to calm my stomach with something like bismuth (Pepto Bismol), or whole milk, but that's not a total fix. A couple times it's been so bad that I thought about going to the emergency room.

    Be careful. :)


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