Should I go to the police if someone owes me money?

Someone owes me money and he said he would pay me back, yet still hasn't. I have a receipt and text messages as proof of the agreement that he would pay me back. I told him I want my money but he just keeps coming up with excuses and he's abusive to me on the text messages. I told him I will contact the police and he just doesn't care, saying they won't do anything. I have all this evidence on my text messages. Should I go to the police? Can they make him give me my money back?


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  • You can't because you didn't have him sign papers or anything that would hold him to it

    • What about the text messages clearly saying he will pay me back? Also he was abusive to me, isn't that proof as well?

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    • Well you can kiss that money goodbye man that's how the world is but what goes around comes around

    • Well it wasn't a lot of money luckily and yes what goes around comes around, so they say.

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  • Don't bother the police with something like that, especially since they didn't steal the money from you. It sounds like you lent it to them since you expect them to pay it back. Print up all your evidence if you can and take it to small claims court.


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  • No you hire muscle

  • Probably have to go to small claims court


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