Should I cut my hair?

My profile picture is the length it is now. I'm seriously considering cutting it to above my shoulders and layering it. Not by choice, but by necessity.
My sisters got head lice from school and I unfortunately got it from one of them. I'm getting treated today and washing and disinfecting everything in my house, but I really don't want to cut my hair :( even though I know it'll grow back and it'll be easier to get rid of the lice. Should I cut it or leave it long?

Both my siblings and my mom had it, but they found no eggs or lice in my hair. 😅 I was treated anyway, just to be safe, but I don't have to cut my hair 😊


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  • Maybe shoulder at the most, put it in a bun and see if you have the face for short hair then decide


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  • Is your hair thick?

    • It's not thick but it isn't thin either.

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    • I don't know, I just found out I have it like two hours ago. But I checked myself and found nits in the comb, but my mom said they shouldn't come off hair strands that easily so I may not even have it :/ ugh

    • You can't check yourself. You need your mom or someone to. If they are nits they'll be close to your scalp and you have to make an effort to slide it all the way down the hair strand. They mostly nest behind the ears and in the hairline at your neck. They'll be white and kinda look like dandruff but you can just shake dandruff off

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  • Getting rid of the lice is more important. I think you would still look good with shorter hair.

  • I've had lice before, and they ain't fun. Do what you've gotta do, girl.


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