Can anyone recommend some good horror movies?

Im after something that is really going to get under my skin psychologically. something with a lot of suspense.

gorey/slasher films dont do it for me as i have a dark sense of humor and find films like saw and hostal kind of funny lol.

Im trying to think of some good examples but my mind is blank right now. :p


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  • I'm like you, I don't get scared by movies. But I enjoy horror films, some might not scare me, but they are still interesting. I don't know if you've seen these but:

    Under the Skin



    30 Days of Night

    The Babadook

    The Conjuring

    Cabin in the Woods

    The Thing






    House of the Devil

    The Ward

    28 Days Later

    The Devil's Backbone

    The Orphanage

    Shaun of the Dead

    Dawn of the Dead


    The Omen

    These aren't scary to me, but I like watching the Blade movies, Constantine, Dracula Dead and Loving It.


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  • Take my word on these 3 from a horror movie enthusiast. The top 2 are British made films but they are absolutely messed up creepy and so well done. The 3rd film is equally as good but I recommend the top one (Dog Soldiers) over the other 2 if you want to be on the edge of your seat, pranging out to something creepy & messed up...

    'Dog Soldiers' - Where the f**k do I begin? 8ft monster werewolves with big claws and proper dog like faces that trap people in the woods in the middle of nowhere and work as a pack to tear them to pieces. This isn't a normal werewolf film that you would expect, it is easily the most messed up werewolf film I have ever seen and maybe one of the most sinister films I have ever seen, period, because of how well it is done. It really makes you feel like you are there experiencing the horror and gore of them being trapped and there are several absolutely bone chilling scenes, particularly towards the end when they are trapped in an old abandoned house in the woods. There is more gore than the average horror but it is just their big realistic dog-like faces (not CGI) and the werewolf body language which is so genuine and f*cked up like no other that it will have you on the edge of your seat. I admit I haven't been able to walk through the woods at night since watching this sh*t. If you watch this tonight, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, especially if you watch it in the dark! A bit slow to begin with but as soon as the action starts about 20 minutes in, it is absolutely nuts, and creepy as f**k! 10/10 for horror.

    'Deathwatch' - Not as freaky as the above film but still really well done. WW1 soldiers trapped in a trench in the middle of nowhere when freaky stuff starts happening. I won't give anything away other than they get picked off one by one, brutally and it's a messed up paranormal thing doing it. Again, it's not about the gore, it's the fact it's a creepy, messed up, sinister film. 8/10.

    'The Bunker' - Another messed up, creepy war film. WW2 soldiers capture a secret Nazi bunker in the middle of the woods and freaky sh*t starts happening to them. The lights and sirens bit in the woods is one of the most chilling scenes in a film I have seen, yet! 8/10.

    • I've seen dog soldiers. good film.

      I'll definitely check the other 2 out, deathwatch especially sounds good. Im ex army myself so know just how spooky it can be being on guard in the middle of nowhere in complete darkness.

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  • All horror movies are sad parodies whitout a single twist of scary or unpredictable. If we talk horrors and not brilliant Crime/drama/thrillers, or even something gory and funny like Evil dead, then I'd probably say Sinister, The Possession, Unfriended, Grave Encounters, Anti Christ, A serbian movie, Insidious 1+2 (3 sucked) Deliver us from evil, The Haunting in Connecticut, The exorcist, The woman in Black, and so on.
    You should watch Cannibal Holocaust (1980) I though that one was pretty good.

  • The Mist..
    Not sure if it's really horror though.


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  • Well Firefox crashed before I could submit my comment, but this list is pretty spot-on:

    V/H/S 1 and 2
    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

  • Try the old movie called "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" or "Horror Express"

    • thanks, i'll see if I can find them

    • Might be hard to, I ended up buying them awhile back , they are old classics, maybe YouTube will have a clip or whole part of it, I never can find find them on things like net flix

  • The Innkeepers, It Follows, The Vanishing (1988)

  • the descent, great horror movie

  • Pet Sematary Candyman part 1