GAG'ers, of all the public or religious holidays and other "special days", which one means the most to you?

What I mean is: look at all the days that have a special meaning like:
- The national holiday of the country that you live in.
- Religious holidays or periods like Christmas, Easter, the ramadan,...
- The birthday of your closest relatives or yourself.
- Your wedding holiday.
- The day your kid was born.
- ...
Just curious :D


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  • Christmas and Chinese New Years I'd say. Altho one is religious reason, and another is tradition/culture reason, but I like it because that's when all of the family gather in a country. 💙 Yes, a country lol. All of us live in different countries so we pick (or a relative will volunteer) to have the reunion dinner at their house and all of the family will be there without fail. Both of the celebration is about family, alcohol and fun. 💙

    • Oh wow, so most of you need to fly in from abroad than? Quite an undertaking to get all of you together :D

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    • I loved the "international celebration" story... MH is all yours :D

    • Thank you! 😊

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  • Christmas is my favorite holiday. It's not for the religious reasons, but that's when I have the opportunity to spend time with most of my family members. Thanksgiving would be the second favorite holiday for the same reasons.

  • I like Easter the most because our church has a free performance every Easter that usually has about 60 - 80 performers, a few dozen musicians and dancers, a few dozen singers, and a bunch of actors.

  • Ramadan is my favorite, I like the whole atmosphere with the lanterns and street decorations <3
    Other than that it would be my wedding Holiday.

    • Oh yeah both speak for themselves :D
      I didn't know about the lanterns and the street decorations. Muslims here in Belgium generally don't eat or drink and have a meal with the family in the evening. But probably because they're in a foreign country, they keep most of the ramadan initiatives inside the houses.
      We know about it since friends and collegues who participate tell us about it. But on the street it's not visible.

  • um.. Canada Day.

    But, my favourite is Thanksgiving by far

    • Thanks! Thanksgiving was this week I think?
      Happy Thanksgiving, with a little delay... :D

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    • well, usually we go up for the whole weekend.. so it's Saturday night that is mostly blurry lol

    • Oh yeah and you got the Sunday to get rid of the hangover :D

  • Ramadan, especially if the relatives are around too.

    Even though I get hungry by 6pm. Lol.

    I like new years eve in here.

    And Thanksgiving even though I don't really celebrate it.

    • "Even though I get hungry by 6pm" what? I'd be hungry by noon xD
      I don't understand how you guys manage to do that, you got my respect and admiration xD

    • :p Thank you @AleDeEurope

    • What always surprises me is how for example my collegues who do ramadan, can get through the day without drinking water. It's in mid summer. After 3 hours without water I'd have a headache from dehydration :o

  • I love Halloween... I'm a fan of horror movies, going to haunted houses, colder weather, and dressing up. Christmas and New Years Eve would be next, since I get to spend those with family and friends.

    • Hahaha may I call you "girlzilla" 8) 8)
      Maybe give that name to your Halloween costume for this year :D

    • Haha not bad! If I didn't have a costume already, I could probably create "girlzilla". :)

    • Good luck with it :D

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  • Christmas is my favorite holiday, and it has nothing to do with religion to me, especially since it's not originally a religious holiday, just something that religion appropriated.
    To me it's about family, friends, alcohol, and fun. As a kid it was all about the gifts, but now it has a better and deeper meaning.

    • Yeah the warm atmosphere of all being together in a relaxed, homely atmosphere. Love it too!

  • Honestly I have the most fun on Halloween. I love the concept of people pretending to be something they aren't for fun to escape life for a bit. I love the corny scary movies that are all over TV and I love the apprehensive feeling that your friends could scare the shit out of you at any moment :p

    It's just a blast.

    • Haha yeah I can imagine. In Belgium there is a Halloween tradition in some regions but it's not something more than 5 to 10% of the population would do.
      You recognize that people take part in it since they put pumpkins with faces cut out of them, near the front door of the house!

  • I'd say that Easter means the most to me :-)

    • Haha you're the exception - most people love Christmas more.
      Here in Belgium the only thing Easter means is the kids getting chocolate eggs. Apart from that there are no "Easter festivities".

  • I'm not religious, and not emotionally attached to certain days either. I don't think like that. Celebrate something all year, not one day of it, that's just dumb. My birthday isn't very important either, I could do without it, it's just an arbitrary day. One of the only holidays on which I actually do something is Flemish Community Day, on which I hang a Belgian flag out the window to fuck off everyone who wants to split the country.

    • Haha maybe we should also have a party on our national holiday... never know it's the last one 8)
      Not many Belgians on here but I think we've spoken before?

    • Yeah, indeed! And possibly, yeah, I don't remember but I've only met a few Belgians on here.

    • Confirmed. I'm on GAG for about 2 years and I've known less than 10...

  • I'm not religious, am not married, have no kids, and I'm not a fan of celebrating birthdays, which narrows it down to a few days. I think our national day means the most to me, just because I'm proud of being a citizen of my country.

    • Haha yeah I know about the Luxembourg national day... I'm from Belgium and in my job I also look at some Luxembourg figures. And see that holiday end of June :D
      In Belgium we're a month after you guys, 21st of July is the "fireworks day" here!

    • I know there is a camping place here with lots of Belgians and Dutch people and they celebrate it always with lots of fireworks too :)

    • Yeah I think especially in the Netherlands, fireworks is quite strictly regulated so they often buy them in Belgium.
      Amateur fireworks you generally see more around New Year, but at National Holiday there are these large public fireworks in the major cities :D

  • Christmas does it for me