Do you often feel happy about relatively trivial achievements?

I was prompted to ask this question due to something which happened today. I had been trying to learn a new front end programming framework, but I had gotten stuck at a specific point when I was trying to code a web application. It was a relatively simple issue, but due to my inexperience with that specific part of the application, I struggled a lot. Finally, after a 12-hour marathon session working on my laptop, lot of frustrations and stuff, I was able to get it resolved! And when I saw the expected results on my laptop, I couldn't help but pump my fists with utter joy, although this was something I was learning out of my own interest and does not offer any immediate monetary or job related benefits.

Now looking back, I realise that this happens to me quite often. I mean... this sense of joy and accomplishemnt even for trivial things!

Have you people experienced something similar? You achieve something small, which may not benefit you much in the near future, but still feel immense joy and a sense of accomplishment?

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  • Oh yes. Why not?
    It is not only the simple joy of getting the "result" but the long journey you had made with hard work to achieve the "result".
    Being in the same boat (Computer's), I had same experience as you had. I once started dancing in the student room when I was able to reduce the running time of my application from 89000 milliseconds to 2000 milliseconds after working on it for 3 days straight. :D
    This happens often. :) Small trivial achievements are important.

    • @NoClueFrau
      DANCING? Do you even realise what a complete FREAK you are? It's actually infectious! ;)

      But yeah, improving the the performance to THAT extent is phenomenal! I'm not into tuning and performance improvement myself, so I have no idea how's it's done! :P

      Thanks for your response, I appreciate that! :)

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    • Would answer with interruptions lemme come back from workout :D

    • It's alright, take your won time! Answer whenever you have some free time! No hurry whatsoever. :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends on the difficulty of the task and the amount of effort it took to finish it.

    P. s. is it angularJS?

    • You got that right! AngularJs, along with Twitter bootstrap! It's being very finicky with IIS, especially regarding the url configuration so I guess it's time to use a node. js server instead!

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    • Oh, it became open source? Then you are correct.

    • Yeah, it did! November 2014, I believe. Satya Nadella is making all the right moves as Micrsoft's CEO, and also repairing the massive damage that the previous CEO Steve Ballmer did.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I'm learning Thai right now, and since going to the Thai courses, i got quite proud and have a feeling of accomplishments if i bought something from a street hawker while speaking Thai and the person understood me. Lol it's such a hard language... Many people would answer my question in English.

    Me: thi nii soi hok song, chai mai kha?
    Stranger in the bus: yes. Are you filipina?
    Me: 😭😭😭💩💩💩

  • of course! an accomplishment is an accomplishment no matter how small or irrelevant it is :D

    • Glad to know that you share my views on this! :)

    • somtimes the things that make us the most happy are just small things, ya know!

    • Yeah right! And also, they may be things which may not be beneficial right now, but have the potential to take you places in the future!

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  • thats how humans are. they are crucial for a person's confidence and mental well being. also you got to start small todo big things for humanity

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