Do you hold your farts in? Does it make you feel bad afterwards?

I never hear or smell a fart when I'm with a girl, so I was wondering if they held them all in, because I'm sure they fart too. Each time I have to hold them in, I feel very bad afterwards, so is this a common situation for all you girls? What about you, guys?

  • I hold most of my farts in and feel very uncomfortable afterwards
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  • I hold most of my farts in and don't feel bad afterwards
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  • I sometimes hold my farts in, and yes, it feels bad
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  • I sometimes hold my farts in, and I have no problem with it
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  • I let the world hear or smell each and every one of my farts
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  • I never fart ;) / See answers
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Most Helpful Girl

  • You've never had a girlfriend have you? Once you're in a relationship farting is usually pretty open haha

    • Really? Ha ha! How much into a relationship? I mean, what period of time are we talking about here?

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    • -so cool his face relaxed so he must of thought it was something else or that the sound was something else (it was busy there were lots of people around) hahahah :') but very rarely have i misjudged how loud it would be.

      OH AND ONE TIME this is another one of my favourite fart stories. there were a few people drinking round my house, i was really drunk, and this guy who'd been hitting on me who i didn't really like took me into my bedroom and laid down on my bed and was trying to get me to lie down with him and (i was drunk remember) i just did the LOUDEST fart ever. and seriously he just got STRAIGHT UP and went back down. i then told all my friends that if a guy is ever putting the advances on you and you aren't interested, just fart, it will put them right off hahahah

    • Those are some great stories, ha ha! Thanks for sharing

Most Helpful Guy

  • There wasn't a choice that matches my behavior, and that is: whether in public or at home, I will go to an area where people will not likely pass for a minute or two, then I fart there. I never hold it in as it is not healthy to do so.

    • You're right, I didn't include that option :/ That's a good way to deal with it.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Well i'm not going to fart when i'm with my boyfriend! So yes i go the bathroom if i had to sometimes but i won't do it with him in the same room


What Guys Said 2

  • Girls actually fart much more than guys but have trained themselves to strain their little butt holes so tight that each fart is compressed down to almost nothing and then when it is released, the expansion of gas is converted almost entirely into heat. Letting little to no sound. So when a girl is in one of her bitchy moods, it's cause she just burnt her ass hole a little bit trying to hold in a fart

  • When I'm with a girl all day, I guess I unconsciously hold them in because by the evening, they've all accumulated and hey want out, bad. They'll start letting me know by like, my whole insides rumbling. The girl can definitely hear that, and sometimes asks me if my stomach is okay, and sometimes I'll try to sneak off, if I just spread my cheeks wide I can let out a huge stream of air, no fart sounds but a whoosh sound. Then I try to fall asleep second so they won't hear them once I'm no longer able to control.

    After a few weeks of dating, I stop holding them in like this (it really messes my inside up!) and the girl learns I've got a lot of gas. But I'm just not comfortable being so gassy around a new girl.

    • I understand you. I've never really got past the dating part, and I held them in just as you describe.

    • You know the rumbling I'm talking about?
      It's not worth it.
      Try the air release method I described, better than nothing

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