Depressed and crying out of nowhere. Help?

Sometimes something hits me and I become really depressed out of nowhere. I see death and sadness everywhere. I can only think about how my parents, my whole family and my cute little dog, who I love so much, will all someday die. And I can't get my mind off of those thoughts when they come. They haunt me like demons. I can't get them out of my head. And I just start crying and I can't stop crying and thinking about it. It's so depressing. What do you think?

- 20 y/o, female

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  • I have dealt with anxiety and depression most of my life. Something very similar to what you describe happens to me, its like you can't help it, almost like a sadness attack, is the best way to describe it. It helps when I have loved ones to talk to about it. If you haven't yet I recommend seeing a psychologist, and considering medication if they feel it is warranted.

  • I understand; I went through a phase like that. What I did was focus on my daily tasks and take a breather. I tell myself, "hey they're still alive right now." Why don't I spend some time with it and not be mad at them for some stupid reason?


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