Would you rather be a reptile, amphibian, bird, fish, or just stay a mammal?

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  • Mysterious fishy
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Most Helpful Girl

  • why is the reptile sexy?

    Anyway, I wouldn't want to be an animal, considering the way in which most people view them as less, god forbid i end up in the wrong hands... and it's a harder life... sad... but true. WE have it easy. I'll stay the alien I am. :]!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've thought if there is reincarnation I'd like to come back as a semi aquatic turtle that you see basking on a log or something in the sun

    • I was kayaking once, and my partner in the kayak saw a turtle on the log, got scared cuz it was a snapping turtle, and jumped out, sending us both into the river

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    • Well, maybe it wasn't basking, but it was on a log, and it was BIG (I'm talkin 1-2 foot diameter here) and the head was long and sharp

    • It wouldn't have bothered you if you didn't bother it. They only snap out of the water. In the water they're quite docile preferring to just slip away. Their snapping habit evolved because they can't pull their head and legs in the shell like other turtles so snapping is their only defense

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  • I adapt do cold and heat, I'm already a reptile!

  • Id be a fuckin lion! king of the jungle firecest of all creatures with a beatiful mane protecting those I love and fighting anything in my way. So bol so fierce so majestic!!
    I AM THE LION!!!

    • So a MAMMAL then!

      Welcome, fellow mammal! I, a rabbit, welcome u to this section of the animal kingdom!