Customer service and eye contact?

I work in retail. We ship items throughout the country and my job requires me to fill out information on the screen in front of me as my customer gives me those details.

When I start the process, the customers start with making eye contact as I do. However, while I am doing the data entry part... I prefer to look at my screen while talking and typing in information... as I am obviously typing in information that needs to be accurate. During this period my eye contact with my customers is minimal. At the end of the transaction, as I am labeling their packages and handing them their receipt, I make eye contact again as part of customer service. This time however, I notice a good number of customers purposely don't make eye contact.
I feel a bit annoyed because I feel these customers are being unreasonable in the sense that they should understand that data entry cannot be done while I am trying to stare at their faces. I always handle the situation by still continue to try to make eye contact with the customers even if they don't do the same.

My questions to you guys are:

1) Have you been in this situation as a customer and if so how would you describe your perception of things?

2) Can anyone here working retail relate to my experience?

3) What do you think is going on?


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  • 1. I can care less about eye contact.

    2. I can but I've been in retail so long I can care less. It's a job. I do the best I can I clock out after 8 hours and get the fuck out of there.

    3. I don't know and don't care. After a while you will too.

    Your taking it too personally and seriously.

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