Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Could feelings come back?

If I don't talk to him for a while,(not too long time and not too short time) could his feelings for me come back? ( he misses me from just 2 days without talking)


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  • It makes the heart grow fonder for another


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  • Depends... if real strong feelings aren't there as a foundation then nothing will ever make it magically appear again. I've never had ex's come back to me and I'm actually glad about it.


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  • I think so if your in love.

    • What if he only likes me a little bit?

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    • Then why you care still? unless you hoping holding on wishing that he wants you back?

    • If he left you for a crappy reason don't get your hopes up with him anymore I been there and its a waste of time its like watering a desert.

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