Placenta Eating? Anybody Want to Explain that to Me? Would You Eat It?

I saw this post on Buzzfeed Videos on FB where this lady ate her own placenta. It sounds horribly barbaric to me, even though people say it's to restore the strength back in the mother. I don't know...


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  • I can understand why people back then did it. But nowadays with all the medical achievements we made we can get all those benefits from eating this by simply taking pills. There are pills for everything nowadays. Tribe people still do it. And I can totally support that since they dont live in the civilisation and dont have all this syntetic replacement methods. But everyone else dont have to do something like this. We simply dont need to.


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  • There are A LOT of health benefits to it, and yeah all those nutrients are going back into you that you've lost. However, I would rather do that with normal food. It seems a bit... cannibal like to me. Even if it's eating part of yourself, no part of that sounds desirable hahah. It is a pretty barbaric practice, like I can maybe understand why people do it and I've read the argument for it but, yeah no way.


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