Why is my mom so cruel toward me?

She told me she was going to take me to the laundry and then she leaves! She hates me because I never had a job! etc... I try to explain to myself but she like no your lazy! I am sorry I get depression that doesn't allow me to be a fully happy person!!! I don't understand of I could move out I would!


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  • Sounds like a personality clash. Being kin to someone doesn't mean you'll get along with them. I think it's possible to love someone (a family member etc.) and still not like them very much. Your best bet is to do WHATEVER you have to do to move out. Have you considered the fact that your home situation could be causing your depression? Getting out might help. Honestly, the more you're forced to be around each other, the worse your relationship will be

    • I am 20 and no job experience no car... I ride the bus everyday... anyway... it sucks!!! I wish I lived alone!

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    • How do you even get started when I am still need my parent and I can't get a job since they won't hire without experience and I do apply for job but I never get a call back ever!

    • Think about it... if no one got hired without experience, how would anyone ever get any experience? EVERYONE starts with ZERO experience. You may not get the super great job you want, at first, but SOMEBODY will hire you if you keep at it. Do you think you're the only person who has ever been in this predicament? There are plenty of people just like you, all over the world. Everybody's gotta start somewhere

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  • You're twenty don't allow her to talk to you like that try explaining that it hurts you and if she doesn't care get a job and move out

    • I have since I was 16 but she doesn't understand she bipolar... I guess she just wishes I would get a job already and leave but I am still in college... It sad I really do want make her happy but it make me so unhappy...

    • Well if you stop trying to baby her she might realise there is a reason and that she has issues she needs to work on

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  • She is being emotionally abusive to you. If she has bipolar she should understand depression. Go get public assistance with the mental health agency available to you, some help from them, life skills classes, medication. You don't have to become thwarted in life by your mother. She needs a sound beating (not from you).