What is the difference when you install a program by running as administrator as possessed to not?

question for the more knowledgable people in computers. I installed an accounting software, but instead of right clicking and open hte installation file and clicking open, I clicked run as administrator, will htis create any trouble? is it neccesary to uninstall and reinstall again?


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  • It just means that UAC will not block anything the program tries to do. You're not actually running it as the "Administrator" user, you simply get the highest rights possible.

    Some programs need to write in Program Files, and running as administrator allows the program to do so.

    • is there a way to reverse this decision once I have installed the program?

    • @diegoD it depends. If a program has to write in Program Files it'll probably give you a UAC prompt every time it wants to write in Program Files, or it will prompt at startup. Installation often doesn't have many side effects unless the program is malicious, so you should be fine either way.

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  • It is usually better to run all programs as administrator, if you have the necessary privileges. It allows access to a lot of restricted resources, and hence avoids errors. In fact, many times. NOT running it as administrator cases issues.

    Instead of right-clicking and choosing this option each time, it's better to change the application's compatibility settings, to always run it as an administrator.

    • Running all programs as admin is a bad idea.

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    • @Kirah One time some random app tried to run on my PC from the temp directory and UAC blocked it, I have zero clue why it started up on its own but I'm glad UAC was there even though I had used to hate it

    • @Mesonfielde
      That's strange! I have kept UAC off ever since this annoying feature was introduced with WIndows7. I have hardly run into issues. Whenever I did face problems with malware or erratic behaviour, System Restore has turned out to be my best friend!