Should I buy a new iPhone 6S for me and give my parents my old one or buy a new phone for my parents and continue using my old one?

I currently have an LG G3 (7 months old, basically brand new with no scratches because I take care of my things and has always been in a case). Its not a bad phone but I prefer IOS and would like to switch. However, my parents (non tech savvy) need a new phone. Here are my 2 options.

Option 1: Buy an Iphone for myself and give my parents the LG

Pros: Me and my parents get new phones
Cons: My parents get a used phone

Option 2: I keep my LG and buy my parents a Moto G (they dont need a powerful device)

Pros: My parents get a brand new phone
Cons: My parents get a less powerful device with worse camera and display. I am unable to switch to IOS.

Which option should I chose?

Your opinions are greately appreciated!

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  • I'll say go with Option 1. You know you'd prefer a different phone and would use all or more of the features that come with the phone. Since your parents aren't big into technology, I doubt they'll care about getting a used phone, especially since it's in good condition. There's no need to get them a new phone if they're only using it for the basics. Meanwhile, a new phone with updated features could benefit you.


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  • I would ask you parents if they would like your old phone because you are considering getting an upgrade.


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  • if your financial situation is awesome, ... then go with option 1. :]!

    if you can hardly get by and have lots of payments, ... then you don't actually "need" a very expensive phone, it's mostly for 'show' and basically there are plenty of less expensive ones that do pretty much the same things...

    so ideally if you have money and everything is easy with another payment, option one is better. ... if not then, well we don't "NEED" these flashy expensive phones... it's ridiculous to own one if you can barely afford to get by... (it kind of reminds me of those people who have expensive flashy cars, and live in an apartment xD) ~the smart thing to do is to save up for a house, and then after buy a nice car... Think smart. ;p!

    • Thanks for the insight! I have some extra money but I finally learned to love my LG lol so Ill keep it and use the money on something useful :)

    • yw! and that;s smart!! besides iphones kind of tend to freeze after updates.. it's really annoying xD
      I'm all for mac... i love apple.. but really on the phone section i truly think they suck D: Sadly the main head cannot return again... :[!

      Enjoy your phone!! ;p!

  • I see I'm late to this party, but GaG recommended it so HERE I AM.

    I just got my 6s Friday and it's friggin amazing. the LG is still pretty basic enough for your parents to handle, and you say you take care of your stuff so... get the 6s.

  • Option 1, because I assume your parents won't care about getting brand new phone. My brother has given his used phone to my parents before and they didn't care, it was still new to them. Parents will tend to put their kids priorities over theirs.


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