I feel uncomfortable with guys?

I feel uncomfortable being near them, talking to them, and even looking at them. I also have a tendency to blush and stutter when I'm nervous, which sends the wrong idea. I feel perfectly safe and comfortable around girls, but it's around guys when the problem starts. It also doesn't help that I'm straight.

I don’t know why I feel this way, or how to stop feeling this way. Has anyone else felt similar?


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  • Got nothing similar, but a way to feel 'easier' is to find a nice male friend, that you can talk to regularly :)

    We're just people, just like you ladies, we don't bite ^^


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  • I used to have the same problem when I was in middle school up until I started high school. Now, all of sudden I'm more comfortable around guys than girls.

    • I'm already going to college :/

    • Oh, did you start college early or something? What really helped me to be more comfortable around guys was just talking to 1 or 2 guys that I thought were nice. After I was able to hold a conversation with them and able to look them in the eye thats what broke my shyness toward them. You just gotta know what to talk about really.

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