Do you contract your abdomen while walking?

Sometimes in the past I used to contract my belly in public so it wouldn't seem big to other people.
Lately I've become aware that I do that everytime I walk or stand.
I didn't even realized I do it.

Does everyone do this unvoluntarily?
otherwise I would think I got used to do it from the past and it became a habit

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  • I think its natural to contract your abs somewhat if we are standing up straight. if you are just sucking in , its kind of contracting. So everyone does it lol. Maybe thats why every one has a six pack under their belly fat.

    • Yes, it's "sucking in". Guess it's normal hun? ok

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    • but still they usually stay around 8 percent bodyfat, which is very hard for me to do without cardio 30 minutes a day lol

    • I'm usualy lazy, and I already had an excuse, you just gave me another :)
      The thing is, that if I continue with my current lifestyle those fat layers will soon not look so good and it will become unhealthy

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  • I don't know but when i eat a lot my stomach get a whole lot bigger!


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