Westley vs. Zorro! Which masked swordsman wins?

If Westley and Zorro were to engage in a mighty duel, who would be the victor?


... or Zorro...

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Wow. Everyone's voting for Zorro. Show me some love here, people! :-(


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  • I'm team Westley!
    I feel like Westley's swordplay is more refined and more precise than Zorro's. I don't know much about swordsmanship, but I'd say Zorro has a lot of wasted movement in his swings. In the wasted time, I bet Westley could get a quick stab in.
    I feel Westley is more witty than Zorro as well. The Sicilian scene in Princess Bride-- how sneaky! Westley is very witty and remained very witty during the entire movie. Zorro accumulated some craftiness, sure, but he still has quotes like...


    I also may have bias because the Princess Bride is one of my favorite all-time movies xD