How do I write this note without being too rude?

So I live in a dorm and there's a shared bathroom for our floor but I keep hearing girls come in, do their business and/or puke (usually on the weekends probably after a rough night) and then they leave WITHOUT WASHING THEIR HANDS! It's so gross and I want to put a note on the door about it but I'm not sure what it should say. I'll take suggestions but here are some options:

  • "Please wash your hands."
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  • "Wash your hands, ya nasties."
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  • "Did you hear that there's a case of viral meningitis on campus? For the love of god wash your hands."
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THEY JUST DID IT AGAIN! And this time they didn't even flush!!! I am so peeved.


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  • 'Toilets spray over several ft through the air and no one has washed their hands before they flushed it either, enjoy'.


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  • I'd make like a little sad germy hand cartoon or something silly that doesn't actually SAY "wash your hands" but rather just suggests the consequences of not doing so.


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  • "If you don't wash your hand three times, Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror and rip out your soul from your unhygienic bodies".

  • B. They're grown and germy. They shouldn't even have to be told wtf lol

  • You can't go around telling grown people what to do. You just can't. People are going to do stuff you don't like, but if they don't have anything to do with you you really have no business telling them what to do.

    • Don't have anything to do with me? They're spreading germs in a space that we have to share. I understand not telling people what to do, but in this case, it does affect me as well as everyone else on the floor.

    • This world will never be germ free though lol thats why we have an immune system. If we really relied on every person washing their hands to stay well we'd all be really ill because so many people don't and touch lots of things that we have to such a door handles, bus bells, everything. It's not going to make you ill unless you've lived in a bubble your whole life, your body can probably handle it, and if you wash your hands before you eat you'll be fine. I wouldn't worry about it :)

  • You mind your own business and if it's an issue of cleanliness in your shared bathroom- let them know you would feel more respected as a roommate if they flushed the toilet and cleaned up after them selfs like you do for them- because you respect them. Don't ask them in a disrespectful way that's the key. They shouldn't be leaving the bathroom in a disgusting mess as you live there and pay bills. But you can't baby them and yes it's nasty but get over it

  • Tbh, a note, however polite, will be taken the wrong way.
    Just carry sanitiser spray and be tolerant.