Have you ever considered becoming politically active? Or are you perhaps already politically active?

By "politically active" I don't mean being proud of yourself that you didn't oversleep the presidential election, I mean really doing something. As in: joining a political party and starting to help in the campaign and stuff like that. Perhaps even work to get elected into some political office (or party-intern office). Or perhaps you've always wanted to join an NGO and do something there. I often hear that young people don't care to vote anymore and let others make their politics for them, which I find quite unfortunate and even dangerous. So how about you?


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  • I'm a member of Socialist Students at my uni and take part in campaigning and protests. I'm not a part of a particular party though, just sort of a generic socialist. In the general election until the voting system in my country changes I will always vote Labour so I'd feel a bit hypocritical being a part of another party although I'd prefer to support the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, or the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


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