How can you be happy when your life is perfect?

You'd think you'd be happy when you have it all, but it doesn't work like that. Once you have everything you want it's like game over. Like they say "from the top you can only go down". There's nothing left to live for once you have everything you want. So how can you be happy when your life is perfect? And what's the point of ever trying to achieve anything in life if getting what you want will stop you being able to be happy? What's the point in any of it? The only way to be happy is to lose something and feel sad first.

It's all kind of depressing, so what are your thoughts on it? What gives you the will to keep chasing your dreams knowing that it won't make you happy?

It's been bothering me a lot lately, I'm not depressed but I just don't see any point in living, yet it's amazing what people will do to survive, so there must be some sort of reason to live. What's your reason?


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  • There's this idea in society that happiness is something you can achieve, like one day if you work hard and get all your breaks you'll fix all your problems and live happily ever after. Of course that's not how it works. Happiness is an emotion like any other; they change, and everyone goes through ups and downs.

    It's a capitalist lie that 'happiness' will be achieved when you've got the 'American Dream' or whatever; loads of money, a nuclear family, etc.

    There is always going to be room for improvement in the world.

    Sadly under capitalism you need money to buy security and comfort, which you need to be able to sustain a life where you'll be happy. Beyond a certain point it won't improve your quality of life any more.

    There will always be people to help though. There will always be things you can do to improve other people's lives, and joy to be had from connections with other humans.

    Of course nobody is happy all the time, but there's always the potential for you to feel happy again


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  • I've thought of this too.
    My life isn't even close to my ideal, but I sometimes think...
    "what's the point? Even if I was to somehow have/experience everything I wanted, then there would be nothing left. I'd grow bored and feel empty"

    You lose either way :/


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  • The fact is you do not HAVE everything. Their is a kind of spiritual riches that come from helping others and making a difference in their lives. You need this type of wealth to be satisfied. Otherwise you will lose your desire for wealth once wealth is achieved.

    • Even if you help others, it will make you happy for a bit but then it won't be enough, you'll need more to be happy and there won't be anything left to make you happy

  • I don't know my life will never be perfect!

    • Even if it won't be perfect, what gives you the willpower to do anything knowing it won't make you happy?

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    • I hate running, it makes me itchy and gives me headache

    • Awe but its fun!!!

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  • When my life is perfect, I will simply not exist. My idea of a perfect life is a life without Earth or any of it's inhabitants, so simply put my perfect life is so perfect I will not be bored, instead I will be dead.

    • If your perfect life is being dead, what stops you from killing yourself? lol :P

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    • You'll be dead you will be just as satisfied as if they were dead cause you won't know it, you won't be able to think about it

    • Even then, it's not a good reason to kill myself. I can think of a couple reasons which are not selfish reasons like depression and anxiety.