If I met my soulmate, will I ever meet someone better than her?

If I've already met the person I think is my soulmate... will I ever meet someone better than her?


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  • Depends..
    If by better you mean
    Better looking, wealthier YES
    But the same goes for her.. and anyone basically
    There's always going to be someone better looking, smarter, richer etc.. But that doesn't mean that person is any much more of a fit than the next

    If you mean better like someone with a better connection, personality etc than NOPE
    Things like this can't be easily recreated because they're shaped by unique experiences throughout a lifetime

    You may find someone who is "exteriorly" perfect in
    every way and you may think they're great but they're never going to make you feel the same way a soulmate did

    I think this is why so many people end up in those picture perfect yet miserable marriages.
    too busy trying to keep up with image..

    If you think you found them, stop waiting on better
    And do something while you still have the chance
    So many people never find theirs or miss their chance for whatever reason

    I've honestly only asked myself this question once @ age 21 almost 22. While I'm pondering wondering if he's really the one or if I should wait all my friends are taking leaps getting engaged, married, families

    It's scary but a risk you just have to take.. I think once you seriously sit down and think "is this my soulmate" it's real or at least for me it is
    I was never one of those high school teenagers who said I'd marry every guy I dated or liked so for me to sit and have that thought even is a serious mind state shift..


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  • By the definition of soulmate, no.


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  • if she was your soulmate you wouldn't even ask yourself if that is "the best" you can get.
    That's always the question: is there "better" out there? maybe yes, maybe no.

    Just focus on the important things that make this person perfect for you, if some key points are missing, keep looking.

    But, don't make the mistake many people do, do not permanently compare her, or have insane expectations. Chances are, you will loose someone great for you because you didn't see it right in front of you.
    don't thrive for general perfection, it doesn't exist, what you need to go for is perfect for YOU. See the difference?

  • Unfortunately no. However, I consider someone to be your solemate after a couple years of dating and living with them and really getting to know them and then finally you can be soul mates.

  • maybe.

    I think I met my soulmate but I didn't do anything about it.
    Now, I'm trying to get the feeling I had when I'm with him, but it's not the same. And I always comparing him and the other. and I felt empty afterward, like there's something not fit or not there. And to find him again is really not in the option, so if you still have a chance to do something about it, you should.

  • Yes , and it most likely won't be online


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  • Because everyone that you dated until youve met the one you stay with, were all simply stepping stones to your real soul mate

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